Picture Perfect

As I sit here on my back deck, coffee in hand, studying the book of Acts, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, the sunrise peeking over the treeline. I looked up to admire it but my sight was immediately blocked by my lovely view of the camper we have parked in the yard! I thought, “Well, that’s a bummer. I can’t post a picture of that!” So I turned back around and began reading again. That’s when I realized, you know what? This is MY reality. No, this view may not be some picture perfect, blog worthy fairytale view, but it’s mine and the sunrise is still beautiful! So I took the picture anyway. (The picture doesn’t do any justice, but you get the idea.)

So often we get caught up in our flesh and trying to appear in such way to others, that we belittle our own reality or compare what we do have to other’s “picture perfect” idea of what our sunrise should look like. In doing this we miss out on all that we have to be thankful for!

No, I don’t prefer to stare at the side of the camper and listen to the birds chirping, but I’m thankful for that camper and all of the memories we will soon make as our family camps this summer. It’s also blocking the sun and allowing shade for me to finish up this post before the heat forces me to retreat back into the house!

So you see, I am just fine with my view this morning and I am thankful for the sunrise. Don’t allow what appears to be “blocking” your view to cause you to miss out on your sunrise. Sometimes it just takes moving your chair and getting a different perspective. You see where I’m going with this? Yep. God is there even when your reality isn’t picture perfect.

Embrace it and be glad in it.

Instead of picking out things to complain about, find at least 2 things to be thankful for and I assure you, your mindset will change!

I pray you all have a beautiful day!

With Love,


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