The Better Mom

So, if you read my very first entry titled, “Embracing Grace” you know how this all came to be. The Lord put this on my heart about 3 weeks ago and He has continued to confirm it in so many ways over the past 3 weeks. I’ve never felt more secure about a decision in my life than I do about this and that feeling is unexplainable!

Just 2 days after I returned from the retreat and received my word, “Embraced” and my devotional with the same title, I received ANOTHER gift that served as a bold confirmation! I follow a Facebook page called, “The Time Warp Wife” and I also enjoy the devotionals offered through her as well! (I highly recommend!!) So I was scrolling through Facebook and ran across a post about a new book titled, “The Better Mom” and the post said to comment for a chance to win a copy!! I comment on these things often but it’s just a drop in the ocean with all the responses on them, so the odds of being picked are thin, but this time it was ME!

I already knew that this book was going to be a perfect fit for me and I kind of stalked the mailbox all week in anticipation of it’s arrival, but whenever I read the cover, I realized that I had written the SAME sentiment at the top of my blog page that is on the cover!! Wow!!

Y’all, these seemingly small details are so cool! God is definitely showing me that He is right there in each of them. Each one significant in it’s own way, just like each of us.

We may feel small and insignificant in the grand scheme of life, but HE SEES US. He created us to communicate and carry out a big message and just like my story, the best parts are contained within these seemingly tiny details! Just as the Word speaks of the mustard seed, we are capable of so much!

Thank you Time Warp Wife and author Ruth Schwenk for choosing me and for sending me this beautiful gift! I am excited to begin reading this today and I know that I will gain so much from your words! I’m anxious to share it all with my readers and friends!



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