I Feel Pretty….If….

Hello friends! So this past week I have spent a lot of intentional time with my 7 year old daughter. If you all read my first entry, you remember that my relationship with my daughter has not been an easy one. We have had to work at it and I’ve prayed daily for the right words and actions to help me grow closer to her on a personal level. I believe He has opened so many doors and we are now overcoming so many obstacles that had been getting in the way of our relationship. Getting to know her and watching her really find herself has been rewarding, to say the absolute least!

Here is a picture of us last weekend. She wanted to dress alike and take a picture before we left the house! I never posted it because I don’t like it of myself…but we’ll get to that in a minute….

One of the things she has taught me over the past month is that I try too hard. We have been taking lots of pictures together and going to do fun things together such as the library, the pool, walking around our neighborhood or riding the four-wheelers. She quickly noticed my obsession with my appearance. Not in a conceited way, but in that I can’t just “go natural”. I can’t just snap a photo in the moment. I have to fix my hair or put on my lashes first…or “let’s use a filter! I don’t have any makeup on!” She told me she thinks I try too hard and people will love me for who I really am, not for my makeup or my clothes. Ouch.

But she’s right. Am I really capturing a genuine moment with her if I have to stop first and make myself look “presentable”? Presentable to who? This really stopped me in my tracks and made me think, “What kind of example am I setting for her?” I tell her to be herself and not to care what people say or think of her as long as her life lines up with the Word. So do my actions line up with my own words that are supposed to line up with God’s Word? Definitely not.

Now, I’m not saying to just post awful pictures of ourselves just because we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”? No ma’am. If my eyes are closed, you better delete that and try again! What I am saying is, let’s stop picking ourselves apart and most importantly, let’s stop doing it in front of our daughters!

So here’s a picture of us doing a clay mask at almost midnight the other night because she wasn’t ready to say goodnight and end our day together! ❤️ I didn’t post it because you can see my belly and I don’t have my lush lashes on. Her smile is genuine and we had an amazing time!

Friends, I encourage you…no, I CHALLENGE YOU to step out of your comfort zones and ditch the security blankets (make up, lashes, Spanx, extensions, self-consciousness, negative opinions, etc) and allow yourselves to see what our kids and our Father see in us!! “You are altogether beautiful…there is NO FLAW in you!” (Song of Solomon 4:7)

Love yourselves! Let’s set a good example for our girls and break the cycle that says we have to add to ourselves in order to fit the mold. Break that silly mold!


💋 XoXo,


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